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24 July 2010

HyunA, “Lee Joon is actually not my ideal guy. I just thought he dances well”

4Minute HyunA explains that MBLAQ Lee Joon is actually not her ideal guy.

HyunA was on KBS Star GoldenBell when she said, “Actually as compared to saying that he is my ideal guy, I only said that I like his performance but such news reports came out.”

News reports have surfaced saying quoting HyunA saying that Lee Joon is her ideal guy. And on Star GoldenBell, Shin JungHwan has asked, “Awhile back, HyunA had said that Lee Joon is her ideal guy and it had made topics. How do you feel?” And Lee Joon replied, “Really honoured. I don’t know why she think of me as her ideal guy.” But HyunA had explained that he is actually not her ideal guy.

MC Ji SeokJin also asked Lee Joon, “How do you find HyunA?” and Lee Joong answered, “Of all the girlgroup members, HyunA is the one who dances the best.”

The show is set to air on 24th July at 5.15pm.

source: kbites

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