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07 June 2010

Hilarious difference in size between Super Junior ShinDong’s and 2PM Nich Khun’s face

The contrast between the size of 2PM Nich Khun’s face and the size of Super Junior ShinDong’s face go netizens cracking up.

Recently on MBC ‘ShinDong, Park GyuRi’s ShimShimTapa’, 2PM members were guest appearances on the show. And after the show, the 2PM took photos together with the DJs. In the 2 photos revealed, the big difference between the size of ShinDong’s and Nich Khun’s faces had netizens laughing.

Netizens’ comments include, “Nich Khun’s face is half of that of ShinDong’s? How can this be”, “The size of ShinDong’s face and mouth is twice that of Nich Khun’s” etc.

S: TVDaily

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