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07 June 2010

After HyunA, 4Minute JiYoon is set for her solo album release this summer!

4Minute Jeon JiYoon is currently preparing for her solo debut, which has been postponed earlier.

There were plans for Jeon JiYoon to have her solo album to be released earlier this year, but it was postponed due to the girls’ Asian promotions. And it has been revealed that if fast enough, JiYoon will have her solo album released thsis June. She is already in the preparation works for the solo album.

An official revealed, “There were plans for Jeon JiYoon to be the 2nd 4Minute member after HyunA to have her solo album, but it was postponed as the girls have to do their Asian promotions. There is high possibilities that she will have her solo album released in July~August after 4Minute ends their promotions.”

Meanwhile, Jeon JiYoon is known to be the charismatic member in 4Minute and when she debuted in 4Minute, she was even given the nickname of ‘Jeon-glasses’. There is great anticipation to her upcoming solo album.

S:Newsen c:sookyeong

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