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01 May 2010

Sungmin is putting his cats for adoption

2010.04.29 목 11:55

It's not only a happy thing that I’m raising Hyaku and Sen..
I really love it..

But the people I live with are suffering from it..

My beloved members’ windpipe are getting effected by it..

Me as well..

I really love them so much and want to be with them..

I have to raise them till the end..

But then it’s so hard to find the right answer..

So I’ve decided to send them away..

I’m looking for someone who would take care of them till the end..

I hope that the kids won’t suffer because of bad dad who doesn’t get to play with them because of schedules*..

Please leave a message on the board ONLY IF you are willing to love Hyaku and Sen more than I do.

* he's hoping for the kids to find a family who would be with them most of the time

Dea's note: he wrote in both Korean and Japanese

Aww how sad =(. Poor Minnie and poor kitties. I wish I can adopt them.

Source: 이성 민 미니홈피 (Lee Sungmin Minihompy)
English Translation: Chrissy @ TwELFs.com

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