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01 May 2010

No one wants to take up the role as the female lead in Hype Nation?

Former idol group 2PM's leader Jaebum has confirmed his return with a Hollywood film.

However, finding a female cast for the movie, who will be playing the role of Jaebum's younger sister, is being met with much difficulty.

The producers of the movie previously stated that they were considering a Korean girl group member to play Jaebum's partner and younger sister. They had a few candidates up on line but it has been recently revealed that the potential female casts were not too fond of the idea once they weighed the pros and the cons.

First of all, Jaebum left Korea last September amidst the 'Myspace Comments' controversy. He was then terminated by JYP Entertainment, earning the title of 'severe private life.'

An associate of one of the potential female casts revealed that there was too much pressure and risk involved to be starring in a movie alongside Jaebum when he has not even clarified his mistake yet.

The movie also has history of casting Son Dambi, which she later pulled out of. Singer BoA even rejected their offer. Because of such reasons, the role is not a welcoming role amongst the female singers of Korea.

They might be able to cast a rookie that is able to dance well but the producers are set on finding a partner for Jaebum amongst a highly popular female group.

A celebrity associate stated, "The notion that it is 'Jaebum's movie' is quite strong and so it's important that Jaebum solves his problems (mistake) beforehand. It's highly likely that anyone that stars in the same movie as Jaebum might be pushed into an unfavorable position by the press since any hasty decisions will tie their fate together."

Translation: hazyfiasco@2OneDay

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