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01 May 2010

More Photos of SNSD & 2PM - Carribean Bay

dol group’s first appearance as the ads models for Everland

Girl’s generation and 2PM’s casting as the models for Everland’s Caribbean Bay has become a hot topic.

This is the first time Everland, which is under Sumsung Group, put two Idol groups as the models. On April 30, Everland said about the joint casting of 2pm and girl’s generation for Caribbean Bay ads’ models.

Everland’s officials stated that “2PM and Girl’s generation match Caribbean Bay’s image so we chose them.” And “We selected the best models to tell about the place where a person can enjoy young people’s culture and passion can be poured out”

This advertisement is the first time the 2 group have joined in one place to shoot CF. Both SME and JYPE has signed a 6 months contract with Everland and it has been said that they have already received more than 300 million for the advertisement.

Cheil’s official said that “The representativeness of summer water park, ‘Caribbean Bay’ will be perceived through the CF in which Members of both group’s sexiness and healthiness blend together well.”

The Caribbean Bay advertisement will be on air in mid-May.

Source: NATE News

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