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04 May 2010

Kim HeeChuls shows that it is “Mandoo SoHee over YoonA”

Super Junior brought laughter to many netizens through his recent photos.

A set of new photos were posted up on the online bulletin board for HeeChul’s personal radio show SBS PowerFm ‘Kim HeeChul’s Young Story’. Of the photos, there was one which Kim HeeChul shows his love for WonderGirls SoHee over SNSD YoonA, who was the guest on the show. While another guest on the show Epik High Mithra Jin was too shy to look at YoonA proving that he is an ‘uncle-fan’ of YoonA.

Netizens’ comments were, “HeeChul is so cute”, What will YoonA do”, “HeeChul DJ given full marks for his good ‘sense’.” etc.

S: TVdaily,kbites,dbskdream

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