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04 May 2010

Kim HeeChul, “I dressed up as a female to go on a date with my celebrity girlfriend”

Super Junior Kim HeeChul reveals an episode that he has to dress up as a female in order to go on a date with his celebrity girlfriend.

Kim HeeChul had revealed that during the recent filming of SBS Strong Heart saying, “In order to avoid the attention from those around, I dressed up as a girl before to go on a date with my celebrity girlfriend.”

He added that after debut, because of his celebrity identity, he was not able to go on date as he likes with his girlfriends, so he had gone for the dramatic solution of dressing up as a girl.

He said, “My wish is to be able to hold my girlfriend’s hand and not be scared of being found out or whatever. Dressed up as a female for once, I was stalked on the streets.”

Meanwhile, member ShinDong also revealed his own ways of going on a date on the show.

Catcht the show at 11.05pm on 4th May.


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