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30 April 2010

Who are the top idol CF stars for South Korea?

Who are the top CF stars for the first half of year 2010?

A large scale of one-to-one interviews were conducted by Brand 38 Consulting Firm (brand38.com) from 1st till 10th April done on 1012 people aged above 17 years old on the question ‘Which star does well as TV advertisement model?’

Coming in #1 is 2PM with 16.01% of the votes from the participants, and at #2 is MC Yoo Jaeeok with 13.34% of the votes, and at #3 is So Nyeo Shi Dae with 11.86% of the votes.

Go under the cut for the rest of the survey results.

‘Which star does well as TV advertisement model?’

1. 2PM (16.01%)
2. Yoo JaeSeok (13.34%)
3. So Nyeo Shi Dae (11.86%)
4. Kim YunA (9.49%)
5. Kang DongWon (9.19%)
6. 2AM
7. C.N Blue
8. Brown Eyed Girls
10. SHINee + T-ara

We can see the idol singers taking up many of the top 10 rankings on the survey namely. And also other idol singers voted on the survey:

* After School at #14
* Super Junior at #16
* Dong Bang Shin Ki at #18
* KARA at #20
* 2NE1 at #24
* MBLAQ at #25
* SS501 at #25
* Davichi at #30
* Big Bang at #30
* 4Minute at #30
* WonderGirls at #36
* FT Island at #36
* ZE:A at #36

We can see the power of the idol groups in the advertising industry in Korea with 22 idols groups occupying the rankings on the chart – of which 11 are girlgroups and 11 are boygroups.

Also there are specific members from the idol groups who are more popular when it comes to CF. And according to Brand 38, they are:

* 2PM TaecYeon
* So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon
* 2AM Jo Kwon
* CN Blue Jung YongHwa
* Brown Eyed Girls GaIn
* BEAST Yoon DooJoon
* SHINee JongHyun
* T-ara JiYeon
* After School UEE
* Super Junior Lee Teuk
* Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu
* KARA Goo Hara
* 2NE1 Park Bom
* MBLAQ Lee Joon
* SS501 Kim HyunJoong
* f(x) Victoria
* 4Minute HyunA
* WonderGirls YeEun
* Big Bang TOP
* FT Island Lee HongKi
* ZE:A Moon JoonYeong


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