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30 April 2010

Mnet reveals, “Songs Lee Hyori accused of plagiarism are actually demo songs illegally leaked out”

It has been known that the demo-recorded songs for Lee Hyori’s 4th album ‘H-Logic’ have been leaked out illegally.

It has been confirmed on 25th April that 5 guide recorded versions composed by 바누스 (Bahnus) of songs ‘Bring It Back’, ‘Feel The Same’, ‘I’m Back’, ‘Memory’ and ‘How We Get’ have been leaked online on overseas internet sites.

The guide recorded songs are songs which the singers will sing and record before they record the songs officially for their albums. With that, Lee Hyori has also been accused of plagiarism of another overseas singers lately.

Some netizens have pointed out that Lee Hyori ‘Bring It Back’ sounds similar to Canadian female group Cookie Couture’s ‘Boy, Bring It Back’, and her song ‘Feel The Same’ sounds similar to Canadian singer Melanie Durante ‘Feel The Same’, and her song ‘How We Get’ sounds similar to American singer Jason Derulo’s ‘How Did We’.

Mnet Media is said to have bought the songs by Bahnus, and guide recordings which had took place in UK are said to have been distributed to various sources and leaked. The guide recordings were never intended to be included in the album and released officially.

While, Mnet Media is currently taking steps to minimize the damages caused by asking for the songs to be removed on various sites like Youtube, and they are pursuing a lawsuit against the source of leakout.


Some of the videos that netizens posted up

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