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30 April 2010

f(x) Sulli’s swagger? “I think I’m pretty but…”

f(x) Sulli’s swagger?!

Recently a photo featuring a post written by f(x) Sulli when she was 9 years old has been garnering much interests amongst netizens on various online community sites. The title of the post she wrote was ‘About myself’.

Sulli had written it using her real name Choi JinRi, “Even though I think I’m pretty I don’t understand why others think I’m pretty. There are so many other people who are prettier than me at our church, but why does everyone think that I’m the only cute and pretty one? This is what I don’t like about the people around. Even when I said my name, they say it’s pretty… Really am I that pretty?!”

Netizens who saw the post titled ‘Sulli’s swagger’ commented, “Even if she boasts, because she is Sulli, I think it’s alright”, “I cannot accept it when pretty people say this” etc.

Meanwhile, Sulli is currently preparing with group f(x) for their new album set to be released in May.


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