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23 March 2010

What made Nicole go on her diet?

Through SBS‘ Strong Heart, Kara’s Nicole revealed her reasons for starting her diet.

Nicole stated, “I went on the diet after a statement a male idol told me, which got me determined.”

Continuing on, Nicole shocked the guests of Strong Heart when she revealed, “Last year, before Mister promotions, I kept thinking that I had to go on my diet but never actually did. But then a male idol singer saw me and said, ‘When exactly are you going to lose weight?’ I got scarred by his question and started my diet. After that incident, I persistently lost weight and showed that male idol a more slim image of me.”

A girl’s weight and body figure is a very personal and sensitive topic for most girls, so it was very rude for this “male idol” to have criticized Nicole. However, as much as I would like to hunt this rude male down, I have to admit, his criticism seems to have benefited Nicole in the long run because she is looking more better than before. Kudos to Nicole for keeping strong with her diet and showing that guy up!

credit: akpop

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