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18 March 2010

We Got Married BEG Ga-in vs. SNSD Seohyun

Cultural program (A.K.A. ) has met its 8th peak of popularity. The heroine of Season 2, opened by Kim YongJoon-Hwang JungEum couple, is the JoKwon-Gain couple. This couple is showing a definite new fantasy of , different from the other numerous couples has hosted. There is also great expectation for the new idol couple, Jung YongHwa-Seohyun. At the broadcast station this week, the two couples' wives were invited.

What the viewers want from by watching it is a fulfilled fantasy of the couple, them falling in love in real life.


JoKwon-Gain couple meet the expectations (of the fantasy) sufficiently. They show their true emotions by fighting a lot, and also keep their relationship openly going in a mini blog and minihompy. In the TV monitor, they appeared as a couple that was about to, or already were, falling in love. The clear characters of JoKwon and Gain also is another reason the couple is loved.


The funny thing is, has met its 8th peak in popularity after steering way off course of 'Real Married Life' and just sticking in idols in their early 20's. Therefore, what the viewers actually want to see is idol group members just having a good time dating. If one was to put a subtitle to , wouldn't it be more or less than 'Idol Groups' Sweet Real Scandals'.

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