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18 March 2010

South Korean pop group Girls’ Generation ads displayed in Taipei’s subway cars

As the original Korean version of Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” is making its rounds in Taiwan, Korean pop fans are finding this really weird. That’s because while the most popular girl group in South Korea is clearly the nine member girl group Girls’ Generation, they’re left wondering why there are so many fans of a song that is at least a year old. In the end, the uber-popular Korean group Girls’ Generation is starting to make their push overseas, as their latest album “Oh!” began promotions less than a week ago in Taiwan.

South Korea is said to be one of the most developed countries in the world when it comes to the downloading and file sharing, but Girls’ Generation takes on a special charm on their own. The girls already conquered the hearts of otakus in South Korea whom were perfectly content with spending money in buying their CD that resulted in the sale of over 150,000 albums. The group has already commenced with their promotions in Taiwan as over 300 promotional posters are already hanging inside Taipei’s subway cars.

Source: CpopAccess
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