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18 March 2010

"Now is 2AM's spring...DaeSang is the goal for upcoming winter"

Although it's still chilly outside, today was one of those spring days when you could doze off
just by sitting next to the sunny, wide windows, and I met 2AM in one cafe at KangNam.
Either because of weather outside or their preparation for their new song "I did wrong"
along with their continuous schedules, ChangMin, JinWoon, Jo Kwon, and SeulOng's
face expressions seem to be somewhat sleepy.

○ "Our spring day just has began"

2AM members who began year 2010 happily with their "Even If I die, I can't send you away"
also welcomed 'spring' to their individual activities. Jo Kwon is showing outstanding peformance
in the entertainment shows, while ChangMin shows outstanding activity with radio shows, and
SeulOng is challenging for acting with drama "Personal Taste."

SeulOng stated that "Our actual activity is about to begin now." Especially, he added that
"Since drama shooting set is somewhat awkward to me yet, I'm getting many helps from
Senior actors and staffs, but everyday is very delightful." Also, you could feel the anticipation
and excitement of newbie actor from him when he said "Lee MinHo and I are
same age, so he's very friendly to me. I haven't had a chance to work with my partner
actress yet, but I am looking forward to it."

Within members, they are looking forward to JinWoon's performance this year.
ChangMin praised him by saying, "Whether it's acting, radio, or entertainment shows
JinWoon shows a remarkable adaptability compared to us. Without hesitation,
he tries new things with confident attitude and from that attitude comes
bright things that you can't name easily." As of now, compared to any other stars,
2AM is tackling the most busy schedules, but the word 'satisfaction' doesn't
easily come out. ChangMin said, "It's merely spring right now."

○ "We will make you dance" Preview of summer

A song called 'I Did Wrong' from 2AM's repackaged album is 2AM's first dance song.
After it's release on 16th through online, the song is getting overwhelming positive feedbacks.

JinWoon frankly revealed that "since we don't dance, the practice sessions weren't that
easy for us." ChangMin added that "the only way that people like JinWoon and I can learn is
to repeat our dance practices on and on." Although the choreography itself is not that
fiercely hard, since 2AM has been recognized solely for their singing all this time, they can't neglect the dancing part
just because they have to dance and sing at the same time.

Jo Kwon who regularly showed his remarkable dancing ability in the entertainment shows
said that "Dance music is not something that you dance 'for,' but rather it's something that
makes you dance (automatically)." He also added that "I know our fans hope to see our various
activities, but rather actually it's our intention that comes before their hope to show our variousness to them.

ChangMin explained their new song 'I Did Wrong' as an analog music.
He articulated that "The dance music with a configuration of analog things llike music drama that might seem cheesy with its plot and the arrangement of song
that emphasizes the melody instead of its beat is something brand new that we can show." 2AM's summer has began early compared to others.

○ "Upcoming winter, 2AM is going to get DaeSang."

As we proceeded with our conversation, JinWoon the maknae said "I want to go to the
cherry blossom festival at YeoYiDo when cherry blossomes are about to bloom."
He smiled after mentioning that "we always travel on the car, so we never had a chance to
walk around in that park. I really wish we would get a chance."
ChangMin revealed that "I want to go to an amusement park. I just want to walk around
as much as I want in the crowd. I miss my humble lifestyle where you chitchat and eat
some street vendor foods with your friends on the street."

Our conversation about the places that we want to go and foods that we want to eat
when spring comes continued. When ChangMin said "In order for us four to drive and
travel around to dine in most delicious restaurants in Korea, we have to work
hard to get that gas money," the rest of members had a sense of longing on their faces
as if they were just woken up from the sweet dream. When their manager said that they could
rest during summer, their expression changes to excitement as they say
"we will go to Africa to see the World Cup."

The goal of year 2010 for 2AM is DaeSang. Without any hesitation, Jo Kwon confidently said that
"2AM is going to get DaeSang at the upcoming winter award shows."
His words were full of strong volition and confidence when he said, "If we keep up with how we are doing right now, then I think it will be possible." This year, 2AM's winter will be on fire.

Credit: Everyday Economy (Source); EyesOnFire11@2ONEDAY (Trans)
May be taken out with full credit. You are not allowed to add yourself to credit nor edit credit.

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