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16 March 2010

2PM Nichkhun "Sexy Diving Act"

Nichkhun's so-called "Sexy Diving Act" is becoming a topic.

Nichkhun, on MBC TV Variety Program "Sunday Sunday Night-Danbi" with Actress Song Jihyo visited a Filipino rubbish village after observing the children worked good deeds.

Nichkhun brought food for the starving children from the rubbish village and even bathed their bodies.

When they heard the kids loved bathing, they went to the resort swimming pool, and there, Nichkhun's sexy diving act was seen.

Nichkhun, after diving, when raising his head, made a sexy expression that has become a hot topic.

The netizens' reactions were, "You can see his heart for the kids. I enjoy watching the broadcast. He's really an angel. I'm touched."

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