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31 December 2009

SM denies using Hangeng, SJ Beijing Concert will still be held

Super Junior’s Chinese member, Hangeng’s request of the termination of his contract has caused an uproar. There have been rumors that SM entertainment is using Hangeng to cause a publicity stunt for the Beijing concert and also that Hangeng may not be attending the concert. Due to these rumors, Net Ease Music Channel on the 29th has had an exclusive interview with the representative for the Beijing concert. The representative claims that everything has been going as planned and has not received any news about Hangeng not attending the concert.

Earlier, Korean group Super Junior-M (known as SJ-M)’s leader Hangeng sued SM Entertainment, to terminate his contract because of the unfair terms. Therefore it has been concluded that Hangeng will not be participating in any SJ-M’s schedule this year. According to Korean news site, Newsen, 57% of the fans who voted, support Hangeng leaving and becoming a solo, while 24% wishes he would not leave SJ. The soon to begin Beijing concert is in a nerve wrecking situation as it is in the preparing stage. The representative has reported: “Everything is fine, the hotel, airplane tickets, the concert tools are all being prepared on schedule.” When asked about the tickets for the concert, the representative also responded with a smile of confidence and that everything is fine.

About the rumor SM entertainment is using Hangeng for the Beijing concert next year, the representative responded saying “This is not true, the tickets are already sold out, so there would be no need to do such thing. Even so, there is no need to pull such a low publicity stunt, if Hangeng quits SJ, in the future, if he continues being an idol, this will affect his image.”

When the reporter asked the representative, “If Hangeng was to be absent for the concert would a lawsuit be filed against him?” The representative said, “We did not think about this because everything has been going on as planned.” The concert will be presented on time for the fans.

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Translated by asian517 @ sj-world.net

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