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30 January 2009

[TRANS] A Fanmade Video For YooSu Lovers - YOOSU GOT MARRIED!

Here's the link to the video~ http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/S2DMNj9Yz-4

Here's the whole content of the audio :]

YC: Yoochun
JS: Junsu
U: Uknow
J: Jaejoong
M: Max(?)

YC: Hi everyone! I’m TVXQ’s DisneyWorld, Micky Yoochun!
JS: Hi everyone! I’m TVXQ’s ‘What time is it?’!

YC: Junsu ah! Let’s start a relationship~
JS: You sure?

DJ: If you’re a girl, which member would you choose to be your boyfriend?
YC: (Whispering) Choose me~
JS: I will choose Micky! Ahahahaha~

Q: What is the birthday present that Junsu wish to get?
YC: I thought he already had me?
JS: It would be great if Micky is a girl..
YC: Junsu ah! Let’s get married~

JS: Micky ah~
YC: Oh
M: So mushy
JS: I feel so sorry for my fans.. I am going to marry with Micky…

M: What??
JS: Really.. Really.. Yesterday I slept with Micky
YC: Xiah..

M: So you’re Yoochun’s woman?
YC: Hehe.. Yes…
JS: Micky just wouldn’t cover himself with the blanket when he was sleeping, so I
covered him with the blanket and kiss him at the same time, the feeling of our lips are awesome and sweet..

M: I think such thing is better not to say it out!
YC: Xiah.. Xiah.. Xiah..
JS: Ahahahahaha~ Micky ah I love you~~
YC: Xiah I love you~

DJ: Who have the most popularity among the five of you?
YC: Xiah~..
JS: No, is Micky Yoochun!

U: What is the couple that Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu have been called as?
DJ: Ah, like this~

YC: Xiah I love you!
JS: I love you too~~
YC: I love you to the max..

U: Both of them still take very good care of each other on the program..
YC: But that wasn’t acted out..

DJ: Xiah! Oh~ Xiah’s popularity is the highest~
U: Actually Xiah really have great appeal!
JS: Thank you~

DJ: What kind of appeal? Those that would give guys good feeling?
U: Yes, some sort..
YC: It’s really like that.. It’s true..

YC: Junsu have the type of feeling that would make guys fall for him!
JS: Hahahaha~

Q: Which part of the girl would you see when you first meet her?
YC: I think should be the curve of the neck. The curve from the neck to the shoulder.
YC: (Xiah) uses his neck skin to attract people~

JS: Yoochun ah~ I feel so happy when I’m together with him~ Deeply attracted~ This feeling is really great.

YC: I wish to go on a vacation~ I really like to travel a lot!
JS: I wish to travel around the world.

Q: Which movie gives you the deepest impression?
YC: First [Titanic]
JS: Till now, the most affected movie would be [Titantic].

JS: I like the player, Il Cheon Su the most!
YC: Oh~ I love Il Cheon Su~

JS: It’s so weird~ I can’t seem to eat any cold foods. How?
YC: That thing is cold~ Junsu can’t eat cold food.

DJ: Only Micky is “outrageous”?
JS: “Outrageous”
DJ: Ah, Xiah also?
YC: I love you

JS: I only love one guy.

Q: I heard that Yoochun like Junsu?
JS: Yes, that guy like me, haha~

YC: My perfect S Line woman~ It’s only gonna be Xiah Junsu!
JS: Help me ah~ Micky Yoochun~

JS: Yoochun ah~
YC: Junsu ah, ah!
YC: Brat, do you know how much I’m worried about you?

JS: Yoochun-san~~~ Yoochun-san, look at here~~

YC: Is Xiah my follower?
JS: Hehe..
YC: It just looks like that.
JS: Haha~ It’s not~~

JS: Let me shoot for awhile (Shooting Yoochun)
YC: I will feel very loathe if I let you shoot me~
JS: Yoochun neh~
YC: I really hate it a lot.

YC: Why must be me? Give it to other people.
JS: Say something.
YC: I hate Junsu.
JS: Hehe.
YC: Is the shooting good?

Q: The most unforgettable memories in summer?
YC: Must be kissing with me at the beach.
JS: Yes, ahaha

YC: I think I’m crazy. I actually have feeling for you this kind of person..
JS: How come I was being kissed by you? I’m so vexed now..
YC: Hahahaha

YC: I’m hurt today because of Junsu.
JS: Why?

YC: Xiah always like that. He will never understand my heart….

JS: I love Micky, but Micky feeling towards me..

YC: I love Xiah. Even though I love him, but I hate him at the same time too. What am I talking about? I love him.

YC: I’m looking for the girl that makes my face sweat like mad. Her (His) surname is Mala and her last name is Yisia.
JS: Oh~ Yisia is very pretty ah~
YC+JS: Oh~ Yisia Oh~ Yisia

YC: Oh~~ If you’re Yisia, then you’re the one that I like.
JS: You must have the surname, Yi.

YC: Whenever I listened to Rising Sun, I will always thought of sun and Xiah.

YC: Junsu’s alias is “Red Human” because from his head to toes are all red.

DJ: 9913 asked: In HIYAYA Summer, there’s a part where Junsu oppa and Yoochun oppa have the hi-5 action, is it originally from the dance itself or it’s a impromptu play?
YC: Don’t have..
JS: There isn’t any in the original dance. But during the first performance, just nice that our gazes meet after we jumped, then we did the hi-5 action.
DJ: So originally, it was not included?
JS: Yes.. I wasn’t so sure about it at that point of time. It’s just nice that our gazes meet again and it seems naturally that we did that action.

JS: I was shocked when I saw the sight of Yoochun’s back in the hostel.
DJ: Xiah.. Why you were shocked?

JS: When I saw the sight of Yoochun’s back.
YC: You have fallen for me?
JS: His hair was very long, wow~ I really had a shock.

DJ: The sight of his back isn’t pretty?
JS: Oh, a bit looks like girl, hahaha (Quiet moment + laughter)
YC: Junsu! Junsu!

JS: When I saw the sight of his back after he comes out from bathing, I was really shocked.
YC: Junsu will always attach to me at that point of time.
JS: Hahaha

YC: Junsu can’t drink.
JS: Whenever we went to places for drinks, Yoochun will look at me fiercely. But I have already ordered a glass of soft drink for myself, but he still continue to…

YC: In our group, I (Stammer) Junsu and I are friends. When we were out with friends (Stammer), we will be very happy and tends to be unable to control our moods.
JS: Hahaha

DJ: Micky Yoochun, you found out that you forget to bring money out with you after you’ve finish refilling your car oil! So what will you so?
YC: I will stop and give Junsu a call and ask him to bring the money over.
JS: Will I go?! Hahaha~

YC: Especially when Junsu is having difficulty in stretching. Junsu~ Stretch!!!
(Stretching Exercise)

YC: Junsu should be last. Junsu! Junsu! Junsu!
JS: Why you must treat me like that?
YC: Because I love you!!

YC: I wasn’t feeling well at that point of time. I’m sorry, Junsu.

YC: Ah, last time when we were in Korea, I did asked Junsu out to watch movie, but he replied me “Ah, I’m sleepy”
DJ: Really? Previously, he said that he will go, so actually he was lying. Then I think I need to change the score to 87 already. From 97 change to 87.

JS: He dated me at 7am in the morning!
DJ + YC: Ahahahahahaha
DJ: Ah, then it will still remain at 97 marks. So it actually is at 7am in the morning.
YC: But when Junsu dated me, I will go.

JS: It was like that. Last time (Laugh) during the Christmas in my primary school time, it was raining heavily, no.. Should be snowing.
TVXQ: Oh~~

JS: I’ll always play.. play.. snowball fights with my friends together at that time, when we were playing snowball fights, there is this friend who is as bad as Yoochun.
J: That’s the main point.

JS: He will put stones in the snow and hit me. Then my head was injured. I wasn’t able to step out of my house for 3 days.

YC: Personally, isn’t Junsu having the dolphin voice~ I really wish to hear it.
F: Shout one time! Shout one time!
Dolphin JS: Ah~ Ah~

YC: Junsu ah, well done!
JS: Stop lying!
YC: Then what are you doing just now?
JS: Er.. I don’t know!

DJ: What is the thing that Junsu afraid the most?
YC: Junsu is perfect.
DJ: Perfect?
JS: Hehe, no, it’s not like that.

J: Junsu is afraid of Yoochun.
DJ: Is Yoochun scary?
JS: Eh, very scary. When I’m singing loudly, he will said fiercely “It’s so noisy”

J: Once he starts singing, Yoochun will said that it’s very noisy.
YC: No, my, my heart…
DJ: Yoochun is a scary hyung ah~
YC: No, no.

JS: Scary ah..
DJ: Hahahaha~ Junsu said scary in a very soft voice.
JS: Haha, just kidding.

YC: How about changing the voice?
YC: Junsu ya!
JS: What is it..

YC: I don’t have many friends in Korea, but in our group, it would be Junsu.

YC: Junsu yo! Firstly, Junsu.. Estimate that later during dinner, I’ll cut on Junsu’s face when cutting the cake. Oh.. Junsu.. He’s really my friend in the group, the member that I love, TVXQ always..

YC: Of course, there are also other members included, but for Junsu, he will always be by my side whenever I’m sad, he will also take care of everyone , give everyone strengths and courage, he’s a friend that I will be able to learn lots of things from. Therefore.. I love him very much.

J: After Junsu cut his hair short, the outline of his face had shown out and that’s how he get his handsome engraving man title.
U: It suits him very well (YC: Become more handsome now) But at first, I’m worried
that short hair might not suit him.
JS: Hahaha.
YC: Everyone will definitely say that he look handsome after seeing him.

YC: You cannot say that Junsu trying to act as if he’s very handsome because he had
become more handsome by nature. Can’t you see?(Shaking hands)
JS: Best Friend
YC: Hahahaha

DJ: Who suit their new hairstyle the most?
YC: I think is Junsu. He have slim down after cutting his hair short. That’s the play of the charm.
JS: I think that Yoochun is the most handsome ones.

YC: Don’t Junsu have it too? (Area that he think he’s attractive of)
JS: For charm, it would still be Yoochun!
YC: Boo~

U: I hope everyone please look after Jaejoong.
JS: Do take care of Yoochun too!
U: Because Yoochun already graduated.
YC: Yup.

U: Ya! Kids, how about adding in a jumping move?
YC: But Junsu isn’t feeling very well.

JS: I saw Junsu when I look at it while pressing the button.
YC: Haha~
JS: Then it becomes Yoochun…

JS: Oh, our Micky.. He’s really very adorable ah~ Very bright~ Makes everyone love him..

YC: Junsu that makes everyone love him.
JS: Yoochun that makes everyone love him.

YC: Look at Junsu, he’s drawing me again.
DJ: Is this really Micky Yoochun?
JS: This is me kicking football on Yoochun’s forehead.

YC: Well done, Xiah! Xiah ah~ “Angel Xiah” in the legend~

YC: During the Xiah’s singing part of the line “During the mere distance”, Xiah has sung it very well. I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!

YC: My perfect face.. That’s my attractions.
JS: Ah~ Yes, totally perfect!

JS: If I’m a girl and I must choose one, then I would choose Yoochun.
DJ: If you’re a girl (Who will you choose)
YC: Eh, I ah, I will choose Junsu.

YC: I love you.
JS: I love you too.

YC: Ah~ Xiah. We are the YooSu Couple!
JS: Ah~~~~

YC: Here’s KM.
JS: Here’s KM.

YC: Junsu ah, he need tonic…

YC: Xiah ah, Malaysia..

JS: This is our TVXQ’s Your Excellency..

JS: Our Micky.. Is an oasis in the desert!

YC: Junsu~ Junsu~ Junsu~ Junsu ya~ How, Junsu? Junsu ya, dressing room (WC)!

JS: Micky~ Micky~ Our Micky~ Our Yoochun~ My Yoochun~

YC: Go Junsu! Go Junsu! Go Xiah.. Go Xiah..

JS: Yoochun (Pa~ Pa~ Pa~) Yoochun (Pa~ Pa~ Pa~) Yoochun (Pa~)

JS: At that time, we have been praying for Yoochun everyday.. Our Micky must get well soon.

YC: If Junsu was here.. Ah.. I miss you. Junsu, I miss you!

YC: Fox rain.. I’ll play the piano while Junsu sing.
JS: I can’t remember the lyrics.
YC: Anything will do, just sing it as you wish.
JS: Let’s sing together, together..

JS: Xiah & Micky! YOOSU! YOOSU!

YC: Junsu ah, happy birthday!
JS: The best present in my life. Thank you~

JS: Happy birthday.. I LOVE YOU~



YC: Pretty Junsu~
JS: Ahehehe~ I love you~~~ Hohohoho~~

YC: Micky Yoochun~~
JS: Fighting!

YC: Xiah I love you! YooSu Couple fighting~~

Translated: Jaesica
Credits: 夏天 @ http://yoosu.tvxq.cn + shirfyl @ TVXQBaidu + fangirlmitz + dbsk nights + dbsk dream

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