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30 January 2009

[FANMADE] DBSK's Future Girlfriends~






Credits: baidu + xietinloveshero + DBSKnights + DBSK DREAM

I think some are way off, First off YUNHO's ideal he has already certified it 100x that its someone like Jun jihyun~ and he likes LONG STRAIGHT Hair so Yunho is kinda wrong, doesn't look like Jihyun at all~

Changmin's is kinda correct a Small face and the girl resembles 2 of Changmins Love Han Ga-in and the old Movie of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet~~

Yoochun, has the right Motherly Feel~ but Yoochun prefers Straight hair~ and it looks like her mom so ++++

Jaejoong goes for the sweet outside naughty in the inside and Pretty hands so, it feels like its right~

Junsu's future Gf~ Looks like him~ someone who is sporty, bright, bubbly and cute~ he likes those so i think its right~

Then again~ we still don't know anything or what the future holds,~

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