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29 October 2008

Wonder Girls Sun Mi: "I didn't think Yoobin would fit."

Small History:
Korean Idol band Wonder Girls consist of five girls. but before there was Yoobin the rapper in the group was Hyun Ah who withdrew due to personal issues. She is currently a JYP Trainee again. When Hyunah left Yoobin was placed into Wonder Girls, the song Tell me was even remixed with a rap part for Yoobin. The original did not have a rap part.

The Wonder Girls recently participated in the MNet show called "My Favorite" (마이 페이보릿 - gotta love the Konglish) where the girls were interviewed. The MC asked how Yoobin felt when she had to replace Hyunah. She answered, "It was really hard because all the other members have already had their musical debut together while I had to experience it alone. I worried a lot but luckily, "Tell Me" did very well. It was the turning point of my life."

The show continued and the MC asked the other members what they thought about Yoobin becoming a Wonder Girl. Sun Mi replied, "To be honest, when I first saw her I thought she wouldn't fit. She seemed very dry and quiet." Such a quick forward answer surprised everyone on stage. Sun Mi continued to say, "This thought was quickly changed after the album jacket pictures came out. She looked very sexy and cool and I realized she really was a Wonder Girl. Even now she holds the title as the 'sexy' Wonder Girl."

source: allkpop

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