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29 October 2008

Xiah JunSu is like ‘Crazy XX’ to his twin brother?

Dong Bang Shin Ki had appeared on variety show MBC ‘Come and play’ which was aired on 27th October.

On this episode, member Xiah Junsu picked up a call from his twin brother (Kim Jun Ho)and he asked, “Hyung, what is my existence to you?”. His brother had asked, “You want a truthful answer or just a joking answer?”. When Junsu said he wanted truthful answer, his brother said, “You are like another self of me”.

That was a short though touching moment. But Junsu went on to ask, “How about the joking answer?”.

His brother then replied, “Crazy XX” which evoked a ripple of laughter from those in the studio for the filming. One part of the answer was censored off due to use of profanity.

Fans have voiced that the episode was fun but they felt that part of the content should not be censored and left out.

And the PD came out to clear that they did not edit out the parts which really portrays the atmosphere and moment when the 2 brothers were talking but there was of course no bad intentions coming from Junsu’s brother in the conversation hence there should not be a major problem in it.

On the same episode, it was also revealed that member Max ChangMin is like the hardest person to meet after Seo Taiji. He revealed that even though he gets along well with other hyungs in the group, he likes to do things alone, even when comes to drinking alone.

source: kbites

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