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29 September 2008

Yunho comments on Jaejoong rap in “Wrong Number”

Korea's Idol Band Dong Bang Shin Ki recently released their comeback album after nearly two years. The album features a song entitled "Wrong Number."

Kim Jae Joong is known as the lead vocals of Dong Bang Shin Ki but for this special comeback, he rapped for the first time in Wrong Number.

During an interview, Leader Uknow Yuhno commented on Jae Joong's first time rapping.
"Wrong Number from our album Mirrotic is a song I would recommend. This song is a very unique style of music for us. Also, not only did all the members did an excellent job singing and conveying the emotions from the song, but our Jae Joong also raps in it for the first time. Aside from the rapping, he also wrote the rap lyrics of this particular song. He'd worked very hard on it."

After hearing this, Jae Joong replied with a smile: "If he didnt say this, he knows what would happen later."


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