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29 September 2008

TVXQ; Not Just Dance Idols?

The Gods of the East Makes their comeback to Korea but some wonder if they are still just dance idols on stage.

"We want to rid the prejudice that [we] can only give powerful stage performances. After listening to the whole album. you will be able to hear, see, and feel that we have matured."

In their new album, TVXQ would like to demonstrate a "Change" they had undergo during their hiatus from Kpop music.

SM artists usually possess features of dance legends only able to express their powerful performances while on stage, dancing. However, TVXQ wants to build on that basic level of idol and develop a more powerful presence that does not relay on Dancing alone incorporated with their own individual aspects.

The new album has been composed and produced by several musicians from around the world including Europe, United States, Japan and South Korea. From the choices 23 was chosen but the 12 songs from the album was hand picked by the 5 members themselves.

The boys had said: "Even though we envy out Sunbae BoA and her debut in the States. Whether we have the ability or even potential, it is still too early. We don't want such a big dream at the momentm we only want to focus on the 4th album and activities for it. We will all do our best."

translated by: genna@yunho-sshi.com
edited by: Nikki@AF.net

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