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03 February 2011

[TRANS] 110202 JYJ Junsu’s Musical Debut Moves Thousands Of Fans To Tears

“I cried so much. It is a really heart-warming piece.”

Opening night for the Global Project Musical ‘Tear’s of Heaven’ starring JYJ’s Kim Junsu left many in the audience in tears.

‘Tear’s of Heaven’ opened on February 1st at 8 pm at the National Theater in Seoul. While all of 1,500 seats were sold out, countless Junsu fans crowded around the theater hoping to get extra tickets but this was impossible as all of the tickets were sold out 20 days in advance.

The musical tells a story of a heartbreaking love story during the Vietnam War. It’s a global project that Seoul Company and Creative Production launched for the international market. The production took 3 years and 6 months and visiting five countries (Hungary, New York, Canada, Czech Republic, Japan).

In the musical, Junsu plays Joon, a Korean soldier sent to Vietnam who falls in love with a Vietnamese woman there. For this performance, he showed off both charismatic acting and singing. Scenes spanning from Vietnam, San Francisco, and Seoul captivated the audience; they couldn’t stop their applause for Junsu and Yoon Gong Joo’s amazing performance.

“Thank you so much to my fans and musical fans,” said Junsu. He added, “Everything was so perfect from stage lights, the set, and to audio systems since world-wide staff members contributed to this production. ‘Tear’s of Heaven’ will be a phenomenon performance worth of Broadway.”

‘Tear’s of Heaven will run at the National Theater and the Hae Oh Reum Theater from February 1st until March 19th.
Source + Photo: nate
Credits: allkpop
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