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14 February 2011

T-ara’s Hyomin chosen as the healthiest female idol

On February 2nd, T-ara’s Hyomin beat out the other female celebrities to become the healthiest idol star for KBS’s “Idol Health Beauty Contest“.

Test results showed that Hyomin had the straightest spine and cleanest blood, which earned her double crowns for the two categories.

Flustered at the unexpected results, Hyomin thanked her parents in her awards speech. “I’d like to thank my mother and father for giving me such a straight spine and clear blood. I think my parents will be extremely happy when they see this broadcast.”

She did, however, suffer a downside. Test results for her skin revealed that they actually added five years to her age. Hyomin explained, “My skin is normally very sensitive. I think the results came out like that because I often stay up all night attending to schedules.”

Meanwhile, fellow T-ara member Jiyeon was chosen as the idol star with the worst hair and spine.

Although she’s only 17, test results showed that her hair was ‘34 years of age’. Furthermore, they revealed that she was balding at the top. Fortunately, the singer received hair products from the show to help manage the situation.


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