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11 February 2011


Credit for english sub : SeoulGirly @ youtube

Teuk: We are Super Junior! Super Junior is here to tell you great news. We recently did our 3rd live concert called "Super Show 3" and finally, it will be available to watch in movie theaters near you!
SJ_all: wow!! (clap clap clap)
Teuk: This is really happy and exciting news for us! And I'll tell you one more thing!
Yesung: Yes! there's a key point to this!
Teuk: Right. We're not just going to show you regular footage from the Super Show 3 concert. We are going to show the live concert in 3D so you can feel like you're at the actual concert and relive the excitment!
Yesung: I think it's going to feel so real!
Teuk: Yes, they made it so detailed and real, you'll be able to see everything upclose and personal. So anyone who already came to our live concert won't be disappointed. In fact, you will feel like you're at the concert again, re-living the excitment and feeling the energy once more.
Ryeowook: Also, even though in movie theaters you're suppose to watch in silence. When you watch our concert you can make loud noises. We encourage you to enjoy it like you're at an actual concert!
Teuk: Yes, there's stuff you to bring to the theaters: SJ glow sticks and cheer balloons! We want to you guys to scream and sing along, most of all enjoy this experience together.
Sungmin: I'm going to bring all those stuff and go watch it myself!
Yesung: me too!
Shindong: A lot of people ask what the difference is compared to watching it at home. First, the sound is going to be amazing, it's in 3D and the screen will be so big you'll feel more engrossed with the experience.
Yesung: In addition to the concert being shown in 3D, I wanted to emphasize that watching it in the theaters will enhance the experience of hearing our songs live!
Teuk: Yes, and I just want to tell you again that our concert is really really fun to watch for all ages.This concert isn't just for ELFs. We encourage families to come watch and enjoy our performances. It's a fun concert that everyone can enjoy. We hope you see you soon at one of our performaces, concerts and movie. This was Super Junior. Good Bye~

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