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02 February 2011

Super Junior Shindong’s Surprising Confession “Actually, Donghae and I aren’t close”

Super Junior member Shindong confessed that he and fellow member Donghae, after working together for more than 6 years, they still are awkward toward each other.

During MBC’s “Super Junior Foresight” MC Shindong revealed during the program that even though he doesn’t argue with a lot of members, but there’s a very strange atmosphere between them, especially when it’s just him and another member. The main person however, is Donghae.

In his surprising confession, in the six year’s that they’ve lived together in their dorms, they’ve lived happily together, with an incredibly stronger relationship compared to other idol groups. Super Junior is proud that they can live together in harmony. But under his confession, it makes people suspect their relationship with each other, that it will have bad effects on the group. Shindong and Donghae can’t stay alone together for a short time, they even cannot eat together alone with just each other.

At last Shindong sent a video message to Donghae on the show saying “We must eat together once” bringing laughter to the studio.

Also, Eunhyuk and Heechul are picked as the other pair that rarely talk. Eunhyuk and Heechul have only eaten together once because they’re too awkward with each other. They just eat without talking during the meal. Afterwards, they play that scene again on the TV, bringing laughter to the studio.

Today’s Super Junior’s four MC’s treated the special guests on “Super Junior Foresight” with special performances and conduct.

Source: BNTNews
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