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26 February 2011

SNSD’s ‘Power of 9′ proven on Forbes Korea

SNSD were chosen as Korea’s no.1 Power Celebrity on Forbes Korea this year. Figure-skating queen, Kim YunA who topped the list for 2 years in a row was placed 3rd this year while Manchester United winger and former captain of the Korean football team, Park Jisung came in 2nd.

The Top 40 list was revealed in conjunction with the 8th anniversary of Forbes Korea’s founding. In determining the ranking, appearances on news articles, TV advertisements, Internet searches, etc are some of the major criteria. Besides the overall ranking, there are also top 40 rankings based on ‘Sales’, ‘Media’, ‘Broadcast’ and ‘Activities’. SNSD were ranked 2nd for ‘Sales’ and ‘Media’, 3rd for ‘Broadcast’ and 1st for ‘Activities’.

SNSD had a tremendous success last year in terms of music sales where they recorded a massive 270,000 copies on Hanteo Chart.

Here is the translated top 40 ranking:

2. Park Jisung
3. Kim YunA
4. Lee Seunggi
5. 2PM
6. Yoo Jaesuk
7. Lee Chungyoung
8. 2AM
9. Choo Shinsoo
10. Kang Hodong
11. Lee Hyori
12. Yoon Shiyoon
13. Rain
14. Park Jooyoung
15. Shin MinA
16. Super Junior
17. Won Bin
18. Hwang Jungeum
19. Kim Hyesoo
20. Ko Hyunjung
21. Kang Dongwon
22. Lee Daeho
23. Park Taehwan
24. Lee Nayoung
25. Jang Donggun
26. Shin Sekyung
27. Lee Kungkyu
28. Big Bang
29. Lee Minjung
30. Choi Kyungjoo
31. 2NE1
32. Hyun Bin
33. Bae Youngjoon
34. Moon Geunyoung
35. Lee Minho
36. Han Hyojoo
37. Kim Taehee
38. Park Chanho
39. Park Myungsoo
40. Beast

Credit: Joongang.co.kr/ForbesKorea.com/Busan Taeng/Taeng Gallery/Yoongislove@Twitter
Source: Fanwonder.com

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