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19 February 2011

[News] It is time for KFPCAI, who has been blocking JYJ’s activities, to answer

On the 17th, the Seoul Central District dismissed all injunctions filled by SME against the court’s decision to suspend their contract with JYJ, the group formed by Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu.

The most noticeable part of the court’s decision is that the courts have also dismissed SM’s request for suspension of JYJ’s contract with CJES entertainment.

At this point, there is an organization that also draws attention along with SM Entertainment. It’s Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI). Last October, the federation caused a stir by sending out an official statement asking the national broadcasting stations, cable channels, record labels, music distributors, and the media to restrict JYJ’s activities after their release of “the Beginning” album.

At that time, KFPCAI took issue with JYJ’s “double contract.” Their claim was that although JYJ won their case to suspend their exclusive contract with SM, their contract hasn’t yet been invalidated and thus their contract with CJES in the current situation is unjust.

However, through the court’s recent decision, such claims made my KFPCAI have lost its persuasive power and justification. This is because the courts recognized that there are no problems with JYJ’s “business delegation contract” with CJES, who is currently managing the group.

However, KFPCAI has yet released its official position on the courts’ recent decision. K-pop fans are watching to see if KFPCAI will continue to ignore the public opinion by reasoning that “the legal battle over the problem of the exclusive contract isn’t over” or by reasoning that “the showbiz’s order is being disturbed because of JYJ.”

On such issue, a representative of a certain civic group pointed out that “with the court’s clear-cut decision, KFPCAI most likely knows that reasoning they’ve asserted in the past is weak. It is now time to change the unjust order of today’s show business instead of rashly reacting with our emotions.”

It is now time for KFPCAI to answer.

Original article. http://news.nate.com.../20110219n06265

Translation by. withjyj.wordpress.com (@_withJYJ)

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