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11 February 2011

> [NEWS] G-Dragon indirect kiss to Sulli attracts fans' attention.

Big Bang's Leader G-Dragon's finger kiss to Sulli has attracted the fans attention on today's Inkigayo.

During an interview segment of GD&TOP, they were asked about their Lunar Year wishes. Later, Sulli expressed that she had a New Years wish and asked the Big Bang duo to sing "Don't Go Home." G-Dragon sang a few lines, kissed his fingers and pressed them against Sulli's cheeks which surprised the fans and Sulli herself.

Back in 2009, G-Dragon mentioned Sulli was his ideal girl during a radio program. When asked about his ideal type, he said, "I like cute girls. Alot of girlgroup's been debuting recently and I like f(x) from one of them, specially f(x)'s Sulli. I think she's cute when she's on stage."

After watching this, fans' have been commenting, "G-Dragon really seems to like Sulli!", "I think this is really cute." and "Sulli should like G-Dragon back."

Source: Nate
Translator: Jae
Credit: Aff(x)tion Forums

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