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06 February 2011

JYJ's Junsu is heartbroken by scalpers

JYJ's Kim Junsu premiered his second musical, "Tears of Heaven," just 3 days ago but fans and scalpers are already inflating the prices of the tickets.

After the premier, fans began selling "Tears of Heaven" tickets to each other for around 3,000,000 won each, which is about $2,694 USD. After Junsu heard about this, he expressed his disappointment by saying, "It's painful and it hurts my heart."

A "Tears of Heaven" representative said, "Right now there are many fans who are scalping 'Tears of Heaven' tickets on 'Tears of Heaven' related websites and some other websites. I know that many transactions have occurred via scalpers because of the limited tickets and number of performances. We want to add more performances, but because of Junsu's schedules and other conflicts, adding more performances is difficult."

"Tears of Heaven" is a 50 billion won production about a love-triangle between a Korean Soldier, a Vietnamese singer and an American officer during the Vietnam War. The performances are held at the National Theatre of Korea and will end on March 19th.

Source: Edaily

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