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01 February 2011

{INTERVIEW} 110201 – The 7 Membered Group, Infinite, Who Released Their 2nd Album ‘Evolution’

The idol group ‘Infinite’, who is getting ready for their Japanese debut. From the left: Sunggyu-Sungjong-Sungyeol-L-Woohyun-Hoya-Dongwoo

The trend of our music industry are idols. This flow has started a few years back. Many idol groups are trying to shine in this flow. The struggle to survive being intense is obvious.

The 7 membered idol group, Infinite, is standing in between that competition. They debuted last June. Their debut song, ‘Come Back Again’, was a hit, but they couldn’t grow as a group in the megaton range. They recently released their second mini album, ‘Evolution’. Will they have results that will surpass their debut album?

When we met them on the 24th, they started to speak in restless voices.

“Truthfully, our debut album fell short of our expectations. We weren’t satisfied with the performances or the lives. That’s why we gave all our passion in making the second album.” (Sunggyu)

This album’s music and dances became more fierce. Their title song, ‘B.T.D’ leaves an impression with its strong beat, vocals, and angled dances. Their dance is called the ‘scorpion dance’ and it is receiving attention on the internet. It’s in a ‘group dance’ form where all 7 of them match their moves perfectly.

“Instead of making the dance really descriptive, we made an effort to give a strong dance feel. The scorpion dance is a difficult dance, where we had to practice for 18 hours a day to match the breathing.” (Hoya)

Infinite is going to have their Japanese debut in April. Their Japanese debut single, ‘TO-RA-WA’, shown on the 26th, received attention as it because it was 1st on the ringtone daily chart (KPOP section) on Japan’s largest mobile site (music.jp). They’re planning to open their first showcase in Roppongi, Tokyo.

“The debut in Japan will become a very important turning point for Infinite. We’re in the middle of preparing, and we are straightening up our Japanese skills that we learned as trainees. We are planning to do our best so that we can lead the new Hallyu Boom.” (Sungjong)

It’s been a bit over 7 months since their debut. Besides the holidays, they are pushing off meeting their family to try hard and survive in this intense competition.

Their dream for the future is to become a ‘self producing’ team that does their own lyrics, composition, arrangements, and choreography.

“Rather than being a cool team, we want to be a group that is acknowledged for their musical abilities. And we would also like to not be far from our fans, but be a friendly group like the past G.O.D seniors.” (Dongwoo)

CREDITS: Joongang Daily (Source) ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits / Infinite Updates (Trans.)

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