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11 February 2011

[FANACC] 110128 JYJ's Lotte Event

The event started with the 3 members coming up to stage to perform “Empty. “They came up the stage while dancing from the side stairs. The dance is very cool! Because the stage was tiny, Yoochun & Junsu bumped into each other when they were changing their formation. Junsu was wearing a razor jacket, Yoochun - all black, Jaejoong - blue jacket & denim. After that, they brought a couch on to the stage. When they were saying that they would be sitting while talking, everyone suddenly sang happy birthday to Jaejoong. Everyone said "Surprise!" (?) while JJ was being shy.

Q: Any goals for this year?
YC: I still don't know yet, but I want to be able to do activities in Japan.

When JS was being asked about his African volunteer project (T/N: Happy Bean Energy), he suddenly started coughing. JJ told him, "Drink some water!" It's been a while since JS spoke Japanese so he was a bit troubled. JJ & YC were making fun of him. JJ was imitating his Kenyan joke and YC was lmao-ing.

JJ was asked how his birthday was. He said that they had a party of about 30 people at a club he knows. JS came at 9pm, YC came after 11pm. He said that fans gave him too much alcohol that it could last him 10 years.

JJ revealed that it was the 3rd time that he had a birthday party, and YC joked, "Then you're only 3 years old?" lol~

Question to YC about his drama. He said that the filming was very fun. He was sorry for getting the award (T/N: being humble). When asked if there was anything interesting that happened while filming, he said that he mixed up "fried bean curd" and "chicken fried bean curd" (T/N: no idea what the original word is in Korea)

He said that JJ had a road accident before he started filming.

"Be My Girl" - while singing "Baby~♪" JS was sticking out his butt. JJ & YC saw that and were grinning together. JS's singing was perfect.

Time to give out presents! JS - Gucci sunglasses. YC - photobook taken after Dome concert. JJ - mirror, bracelet, ring. When JS saw what JJ was giving out, he took off his necklace too. Since JS did that, everyone was expecting YC to give out more things too. YC said, "I don't have anything" and started to unzip his jacket, but stopped there and ran away.

JJ & YC were trying to tease JS by saying that only his sunglasses case was Gucci and that the sunglasses were fake.

While giving out the presents to people who got selected, JS was suddenly hugged strongly by the fan. The other fan told YC, "Please hug me" and he hugged her. The last one told JJ, "Please shake hands with me" and he did.

They went out to change clothes. YC & JS were wearing black jackets & pants. YC was wearing a white t-shirt. JJ was wearing white with a black jacket and a belt. He didn't wear anything under his jacket!

Then they sang Chajatta♪ Everyone was very excited & were singing together with them~♪ The 3 of them were smiling at that sight.

JJ, "Please turn on the light. This would be our last song, but before that, let us have some last words to you."

JS, "Doing this makes me feel like this is not Korea, but Japan. I want to work in Japan. To do that, there are a lot of things we have to deal with, but we will do our best, so please keep supporting us. A year has passed since our last performance at the Dome & a-nation, but I feel like 3, 4 years had already passed. There are a lot of things (happening) right now but we will see everyone again so please wait for us." JS seems to have teary eyes while saying that.

YC, "I still don't know, but I want to come back and work in Japan. We will do our best so please support us."

Before their last song, YC said his famous line: "Minna junbi OK~!" (Everyone ready OK~!). It's been a while since he said that so everyone was in high tension!

Empty Remix. Jump! Jump! There was also JS time! At that time, JJ was squatting down in the back, cute.

High-five time. A table was brought on stage. They sat in YC, JJ, JS order. They were as close as 1 meter! After doing high-five, they gave out posters to us.

Source: twins_mickey @ Twitter
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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