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19 February 2011

Big Bang's glorious return to Korea with a new mini-album [NEWS]

Starting today (19th), BIGBANG's movie, "Big Show 2010 in 3D" will be showing in Japanese theaters and soon, they will be releasing their new mini album after a long break in Korea.

The group has been focusing on their Japanese activities after they finished promoting their album, Remember, in 2008. It has been announced recently that they will be restarting their activities in Korea for 2011 and will be releasing new songs this coming February 24. Originally, the group was supposed to release a full album but probably due to the members' busy engagement with their solo activities, they will be releasing a mini-album instead.

The title of their new mini-album has not been announced yet but it will consist of 6 songs, including the intro and "Tonight", their title song. Moreover, Korean versions of their Japanese songs, "Hands Up" and "Somebody to Love", are also included.

BIGBANG's leader, G-Dragon, has said before that they have collaborated with international producers but have denied that one of them is Will.I.Am, who worked with fellow YG Family members, 2NE1. G-Dragon said, "You will be surprised once you listen to our album. We will show a more mature side of us so please look forward to it."

The track list for their upcoming mini-album has been released but it didn't include unexpected collaborations with other writers and composers. G-Dragon explained, "There are plans to create another album."

In the interview conducted by BMR with GD&TOP to be published in our March issue, G-Dragon said that BIGBANG's music is different from that of GD&TOP's.

BIGBANG also went to America to shoot their music video, which attracted a lot of attention. They will also have a 1-and-a-half hour special comeback program that will be broadcasted on SBS.

Moreover, the Japanese edition of GD&TOP's album will be released on the 23rd of this month. The Japanese edition will have an original package design together with a DVD consisting of their music videos. The album includes the collaboration of GD&TOP with Diplo, who recently took part in Beyonce's new song. G-Dragon also talked about working with Diplo in the March issue of BMR.

Source: BMR Japan
Chinese translation by Naya @ bigbangfamily
English translation by Rice @ bigbangupdates

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