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18 February 2011

Beast’s last effort for their encore concert

Idol group Beast are putting in one last effort these few days for their encore concert.

Last year, they held their first solo concert Welcome to Beast Airline at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium. Now, they will hold their encore concert on the 18th and 19th of February.

Beast who held their first solo concert only a year after their debut in 2009 are looking forward to their encore concert. Seeing their efforts whether in the practice room or at the stadium, it is clear that they are preparing for the actual performance with enthusiasm. They are working hard to give the fans a better performance than before.

For this concert, Beast will turn into pilots from Beast Airline who will fly from Seoul to different countries in Asia. They have even prepared a different stage and equipment for this performance to show off the best charm from each member, giving the fans a totally different enjoyment.

TRANS: yangting@mybeastyboys

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