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21 January 2011

Regarding the barbecued meat matter , Seungri and Hyunseung say they are actually really close

The public revealing of the barbecued meat matter involving Big Bang’s Seungri and Beast’s Hyunseung brought much laughter to their fans. As of now,the two of them still maintain a unique relationship.

Cube Entertainment released a statement on the 18th of January : ‘ Beast’s Hyunseung who used to be a Big Bang trainee greeted Seungri warmly when they met while in the waiting room for a music program. He specially made time to meet the members of Big Bang with Seungri as the priority.’

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment stated that Big Bang members are still really close with Hyunseung. Only then would they have revealed this little episode involving Seungri and Hyunseung.

On the episode of SBS’s variety program When It’s At Night, aired on the 10th of January, TOP revealed the situation of a quarrel between trainees Seungri and Jang Hyunseung.

During Big Bang’s trainee period, Hyunseung and Daesung were the only ones who would cook meat, whereas Seungri only ate but never helped. He only said that he didn’t know how to cook when they complained. The angry Hyunseung who went out to buy vitamin drinks with Seungri secretly ‘taught him a lesson’ . This news made the others members laugh.

Seungri will release his first solo album on the 20th and also carry out promotional activities after that.

source: nate, beastchina
trans: yangting1302@mybeastyboys

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