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30 January 2011

[NEWS] Seungri “G-Dragon sent me a 30-line text message, he’s really hateful”

After saying Jiyong was his favorite member in pretty much the very beginning:

Jiyong is kind of hateful [by hateful it's not like hateful as in he hates other things/people but it's kind of like... someone you want to hate but can't]. He criticizes a lot but then takes care of us after, so it’s very hateful. After the first broadcast [of the comeback] he sent me a 30-line text message. This is the longest text message I have ever read from Jiyong.”

No Hong Chul asks what kind of stuff he wrote so Seungri replies

He wrote tons of bad stuff about my expression, live performance, gesture, what kind of dance is that, are you really a dancing kid, what is this, do you not exercise these days, you look so dwarfish/weak, do you not see the camera etc. I got scolded when I got home and I said stuff like please wait, I will do better etc.”

Then Seungri says that “Jiyong called the managers, stylists, etc. and told them to take care of Seungri well and give him warm food and all that caring stuff. Seungri says Jiyong is hateful because his hyung is so cool and can do everything.”

Another section was when No Hong Chul asks him what kind of comments online are the most hurtful. So Seungri says “this isn’t something that happened to me personally but to another person. The person called me crying and said that he got a comment saying ‘the only thing left for this person is suicide.

So I told him “to not care about those comments too much and tried to cheer him up but I was hurt too. I said that I would save him.”

He didn’t specifically say GD but I remember on NAN GD talked about how someone told him to commit suicide and for some reason the MC was like how did Seungri respond to those negative things? And GD talked about how Seungri was very mature about it and told him not to care about it blah blah so I’m guessing Seungri was talking about GD.

Another section is the classic if you were a girl who would you date from Big Bang?” Seungri answers “G-dragon.” he kind of sighs/groans LOL and hes like,

he is very romantic. I’m his roommate so I see everything. He’s seriously romantic. If he dates someone he makes a song for them. One time he asked me how the song was. And I said oh my god if this was released in Korea there’d be a huge deal and it would make so much money. But… since it’s for the woman he loves it’s only for her and gives up that money/fame from that song.”

(source: flinkling @ gdheartri)

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