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02 January 2011

Hankyung Remembers His Band Mates … And Sheds Tears

Korean boy band Super Junior’s former Chinese member Han Geng visited Hong Kong a few days ago, according to reports from Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily, Han Geng stated that Jackie Chan had previously asked him to shoot a movie, he said that they will be able to collaborate if they have fate, but in the future he will be placing his efforts into the markets in China, Taiwan and Singapore, he also hoped to return to the Korea music industry, but he does not have contact with his former band mates at present, however, he always takes notice of their news. After leaving Super Junior, he was asked if he was worried that his popularity would drop? He said, “I don’t attach importance to these kind of things, I attach more importance to the current album, fan meetings and concerts.”

According to reports from China News, one year after Han Geng’s unilateral termination of his contract with his previous Korean employer SM Entertainment, the verdict for his lawsuit was finally handed down on the first anniversary of him going solo, the judgment means Han Geng regains his freedom completely.

Han Geng’s sudden departure had previously given rise to discontent from many people. After living in Korea for a period of five years, Han Geng and the members of Super Junior developed deep brotherly relationships. But Han Geng did not mention his decision to terminate his contract with them beforehand at all, after the news emerged, some members expressed that they did not understand and were angry.

Han Geng said, regardless of whether they understand me or not, I understand all of them. Up to this day I will still think about all of them constantly! Speaking up to this point, he could not help but shed tears…

The Enlight Media Group’s “Music Chart“ interviewed Han Geng, originally the reason that made him leave without hesitation was actually due to the cruel survival environment of the Korean entertainment industry. Han Geng’s manager, Sun Le said, Han Geng actually repressed it for a very long time, there was a period of time when he made telephone calls to his friends and relatives every day, if it was not to complain then it was to vent, until one day Han Geng said to himself, “Korea’s suicide rate is so high, do you want to see the same with me? Then did I become aware of the seriousness of the problem!”

Source: WorldJournal
Translated By: Purple_Princess
Posted By: iCarolina__ (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

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