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24 January 2011

110119 Han Geng: My character in ‘My Kingdom’ is just like myself in real life

Sina Internet Festival was held in Beijing. Ge You, Fan Bing Bing, Wang Luo Dan, Hai Qing, Miriam Yang, Han Geng, Zhou Bi Chang, Wang Xue Qi, Feng Xiao Gang, Wu Xiu Bo, Guo De Gang, Yao Chen and various public images attended. The King of Newcomer, Han Geng was awarded with the honour of being the Best Male Singer of the year. He admitted that 2010 was an unforgettable year for him, terminating his contract with his previous company, released a solo album and held a solo concert; all these experiences were his greatest gains. Talking about movie, , he revealed that that character he is acting as is just like how he is in real life: ‘In private, I am a very quiet person, I don’t like to talk much. I will hide everything within myself and not talk about it but I will know what to do.’ At the same time, he revealed that he had a lot of scenes with Da S and is grateful that the opposite party taught him a lot.
Experiencing the long chaos of contract termination, Han Geng is stronger now. Sometimes, there were rumours of negative comments from the previous company and becoming enemies with his brothers, Han Geng will face it with a smile: ‘For some things, people can say what they like. I just need to be clear of what I am doing. To me, 2010 is a fulfilling year for me, I am happier now that I joined a new company. I also released a new solo album last year, and also held a personal solo concert, I really gained a lot from all these. I hope that in 2011, I would gain more experiences, release another new album, and do a concert tour.’
Han Geng’s first attempt in the movie industry, will wrap up their filming soon. He revealed that the character he is acting as is rather similar to himself in real life, so he got used to acting his character pretty quickly: ‘There are a lot of psychological scenes for my character, and he is rather similar to myself in real life, do not like to talk and would keep everything to myself, but I will know what to do.’ Han Geng also expressed that he had a lot of interactions with his seniors in the movie industry, Da S and Wu Chun. He learnt a lot from them and benefited a lot from this experience. /Text by: Li Qing

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Translated by: huiwensg @ geng-bao.net
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