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28 December 2010

[Trans] Popteen Magazine Q&A with Homin

First, let’s start with talking about your activities in 2010
Yunho: My solo activities, there was the MJ concert in Korea and other public performance including a musical, after that I also filmed NET drama (HARU)
Changmin: From January to May I was filming a drama, after that I was photographed for magazines
Yunho: Other than those, the two of us as TVXQ performed in SMTOWN in Korea, China and America

Starting from 2011 the two of you will formally start activities in Japan, and now you have activities together in your private lives.
Changmin: Yes. Sometime we would also go bowling together.

If the two of you go will catch a lot of attention right?
Yunho: That’s why we ask our manager to go with us, but even if managers go, we would still be recognized (laugh). But it’s normally just greeting us, so I don’t care that much
Changmin: I care. Not use to being everyone’s attention, don’t know what to do. So the two of us wouldn’t hang out together. Even then, we would still be recognized

Being together, do you have fights?
Changmin: Even if I say we don’t fight, it’s like that’s a lie (laugh), but because we can talk to each other about anything, so that became very natural (no fighting)
Yunho: Recently it’s like both of us are breathing the same air, understanding each other. If one isn’t feeling happy, not doing something, the other would look at him, then want to talk to him, and understand what’s going on, because it’s like living as a family, so even if nothing is spoken, there is an understanding.

What do you admire about each other?
Changmin: I think Yunho’s attitude towards work is very passionate and responsible, really very professional so I want to learn from him
Yunho: Changmin’s attitude towards work is calm and mature. Even if he is misunderstood he wouldn’t get mad, he would listen to the other person and think carefully before re-expression what he wants to say, even to staff or to other people around him, he is very understanding of them.
Changmin: no no, thank your for saying that (smiles)

Then, talk about some things you want each other to change
Yunho: Recently Changmin seems to have grown up, like an adult, so to me, I don’t think there’s anything that needs to be changed
Changmin: I don’t think there’s anything I want him to change either. Even thought I use to get very annoyed when Yunho’s room is very messy (laugh). Because now we are not sharing the same room, I don’t mind.
Yunho: Before my room was very messy (laugh). But recently I cleaned my room.

During your breaks from work, what topics do you two discuss?
Yunho: There’s a lot about the future and stuff
Changmin: Also we would talk about things troubling each other
Yunho: Usually the two of us likes making jokes, but when talking about each other’s troubles, only at that time, we would talk really seriously

Do you talk about topics relating to girls?
Yunho: Of course we do, we would talk about when to get married… sometimes on the street, we would say “that girl is really cute”

Just thought of this, the two of you like the Japanese female celebrity Nakama Yukie. So she like your type of girl?
Changmin: We’ve liked her since we first meet Nakama Yukie at Red White festival. She’s prettier than imagined
Yunho: No, that’s wrongly expressed. Everyone don’t misunderstand (laugh). Before everyone already believe she is beautiful, but after seeing her in real life she is even more pretty, that is what Changmin want to express
Changmin: Yes, that’s what i mean. Yunho’s always like this, can understand my thoughts (laugh)

Do you have any complaints about 2011?
Yunho: Because 2010 is a turning point, so in 2010 we want to put in more effort and step up to show the two of our charms. Because we want to achieve that we have really worked hard to prepare for it, so hope everyone would look forward to us

What are some charms that only belong to the 2 of you?
Changmin: Both of us are very tall
Yunho: We really are very tall… (laugh), our voices are charming too. Changmin’s voice is higher while mine is lower, and when its mixed together it will produce a beautiful harmony. And our personalities are the opposite, so when we are together it is harmonized
Chamgin: Regarding our personalities, if Yunho’s fire, I would be water
Yunho: But that changes depending on the situation. When Changmin fires up, I will became cool, we would switch roles
Changmin: Even though it became just the two of us, there really is a harmony never beyond imagine. This kind of group can also bring more new charms.

Can you leave one last message for Popteen readers
Changmin: This whole new year, will let everyone see how hard we have worked, please look forward to us
Yunho: I will work hard to grow, must live through 2011 with TVXQ~

credit: neverend
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

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