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28 December 2010

[Trans] Popteen Magazine- Changmin’s interview

What kind of fashion do you like?
-I like the feeling of wearing a shirt with a coat.

Why do you like that kind of style?
-It’s not like that, I like exercising too, during this period I’ve been boxing

Why is your muscles so pretty?
-Maybe because of a lot of sweet and drinking a lot of water

Why is it always ladies first for Korean guys?
-For me, it’s because that’s how my dad always taught me. From young he would tell me to be tender towards girls, so unconsciously it became that way

Looks like the vegetable type, but is really the meat type?
-I’m the junk food type (laugh). It will change depending on different environment and how I feel that day.

What kind of girl is your type?
-Optimistic, cheerful, and lively

What’s the difference between girls from Japan and Korea?
-When we first came to Japan I thought Korean girls were the pretty type and Japanese girls were mostly the cute type. But now I’ve discovered there are all kinds of people in both places.

What kind of cloth do you hope a girl is wearing?
-More elegant clothing, I would like that even if she’s very plain she could still find something to wear that would show her own charms.

If you are in Korea on a date where do you want to go?
-Holding hands on a street filled with people, like normal people eating a meal. Even though that’s corny, but now that it can’t be done it is something I yearn for

In Japan on a date where would you want to go?
-The two of us riding in tram

What kind of song would you listen to?
-R&B, rock and such, I would listen to Korean songs and songs from other countries. If you ask me what kind of Japanese one I like I would say Superfly

What’s your favorite Japanese word?
-Please. Very simple, but could be used in many occasions, it is a very convenient term.

Recommend a Korean food that is very popular
-Pig skin. It is rich in collagen which is good for the skin, and its very crunchy so very delicious

What kind of Japanese food do you like?
-I like everything. Even convenient store meals are delicious. Every time coming to Japan I would eat well.

What’s did you dream of becoming when you were young?
-Broadcaster or sports reporter. I think it’s wonderful to be able to be on TV like broadcasters. As reporter its very nice that they they could be very close up to watch sports game (laugh).

credit: neverend
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

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