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20 November 2010

SM Entertainment Says They Would Welcome Hankyung Back!

In a new interview with Newdaily, SM Entertainment says that “they have not terminated their contract with Hankyung,” and they would take him back if he were to return to Korea.

SM Entertainment’s attorney said on November 19th that they are currently waiting for the final ruling but Hankyung’s injunction against SM has been reviewed and their arguments have been made.

The attorney says he is curious as to why the courts haven’t made a decision yet and that the delay is causing Hankyung and SM Entertainment’s continued awkward relationship.

Hankyung filed for the injunction citing continued health problems as well as unfair income distribution as his reasons but the attorney says that it’s outrageous that he’s claiming the contract is invalid when he signed the contract himself.

SM Entertainment also reiterates that they were the ones who trained him as a singer and gave him the opportunity to become as big a star as he is now.

However, their final statement is that even after all of this, SM Entertainment doesn’t want to end the contract and they want Hankyung back. They still would welcome him back if he chooses to return.


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