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14 November 2010


Vocal skills? by Park Sunjoo-Vocal trainer

Yuri...As an idol group member, her vocal skills aren't bad at all. But, that doesn't mean she has only one range. It's a conservative vocal.

Yoona...Because of her pretty face, there is this misconception that Yoona's vocal skills are lacking, but that's not the case at all. Although her vocal skills aren't the greatest, but she is good at harmonizing.

Sunny...If she received great vocal training, she has the potential to become great. Within the group, she has the most unique voice and she has own range. R&B songs suits her well.

As CF Model? by Cha Euntaek CF PD

Yuri...Her healthy look and energy is overflowing. She possesses the sexy look. Yuri adjusts to the situation and with her intuition she knows what to show of herself. As a model, her potential is really the highest.

Yoona...Even if her role is simple, she is the best at it. With other members, after explaining the character and how to feel, they only end up showing that expression. However, in Yoona, she is the first to change her expression.

Sunny...By feel, she is the most like a young girl. When you see her on variety shows, she is very lively, but seeing her in real life, she is surprisingly a quiet person.

As a fashion model? by Kan Hoseop Fashion designer and teacher

Yuri...She has a glamorous style with a western feel.. Because of her voluptuous lower body, bright designs with lots of prints in it suits her better than skinny jeans.

Yoona...she possesses beauty that is pure and clean. Outfits like lace decorated shirts or white curtain shirts that isn't so flashy suits her best.

Sunny...She is very vivacious and has lots of talents. Casual brand outfits suit her best. Speaking of brands, Polo or Tommy Hilfiger will work for her.

How good is their foreign language skills? by SM Public Relations Team

Yuri...Can carry a short conversation in Chinese and Japanese.

Yoona...Can speak basic Chinese and Japanese.

Sunny...Can speak in Chinese and Japanese a little.

Dance skills? by Shim Jaewon SM director in charge of choreography and performance

Yuri...She tries to pursue perfection. She excels at group performance more than her solo. I like her overall movement and atmosphere. When there is a closeup shot of her, she knows what expression to make and knows how to move her body to ensure it comes out beautifully on the screen.

Yoona...I like her wave the most. Although she doesn't have a flashy solo, when she performs the same choreography within the group, she is great at being in rhythm. Because of her long arms and legs, her line is appealing. Even when she dances to a male dance routine, she still looks cool. She is able to express her dance in a natural way without over doing it. Her talent for comprehending the choreography is excellent.

Sunny...Rather than say she dances well, she is good at expressing them. When it's her part, she is able to convey her image with conviction. It's possible because she possesses the talent to express herself. And still, she is great at leading when it comes to teamwork. She also has the ability to create dance routines that is harmonizing.

Trans: yoongislove@twitter/yoonaddict.com Take out with credit.

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