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13 November 2010

[PHOTOS] 101112 MTV K - JYJ's Dressing Room and Soundcheck

When I mentioned that I was live tweeting everything , Yoochun asked to see my phone. Yoochun then spent the next few minutes reading all of your replies to the MTV K twitter account!

He asked what “trending” meant when he came across a tweet that talked about JYJ trending and (hopefully) it was made clear.

Yoochun hijacks our interview. Junsu is amused.

Yoochun: *asks question*
Junsu: *answers with silliness*
Yoochun: *facepalm*
(Cameraman: LOL)

Jaejoong loves his phone(s). He L-O-V-E-S them.

But he loves his fans much much more and granted a request to pose with aegyo.
Does anyone want a wallpaper of this? If you do, leave a comment and I’ll upload it!

Junsu patiently waits for his make-up to be finished. His hair is beautiful!

Now on to soundcheck! Remember I tweeted that Yoochun was wearing a shirt with a fur stripe?
I present evidence…

Forgetting something, Jaejoong?

Credits: MTV K
Shared by: DBSKnights + dbsk dream

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