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16 November 2010

[News] 101115 Amazing ‘Hallyu Power’ Show Off, Japanese Tourists Flock Korea for JYJ Concert

After G20 Summit ended, the tourism industry which had struggled for a while finally turned to recovery. Especially this week, there are plans of field trip that will suck plenty group of tourist such as the elder ones.

G20 helps the bond of South Korea and Japan which was steadily went downhill earlier to get closer and finally the long-awaited relationship starts to bloom. November is the month when there is going to be the most number of Japanese visitors in South Korea as there are 20,143 visitors predicted to come. This number is highly affected by the concert of group JYJ that will be held on the 27th – 28th this month. JYJ consists of former members of TVXQ which are Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu who gain a lot of popularity in Japan.

A national tourism official said, “The number of Japanese tourists to have Korea tour next week is ranked 1st with 4113 people and 2500 of them are the audiences of JYJ concert. While 2nd rank is occupied by HIS Korea with 4038 people, and the 3rd will be the chess tour participants and supporters with 2610 attendees.”

credit: traveltimes

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