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14 November 2010

JYJ to endorse Dasgupta

Today, Yoochun exchanged tweets with a talented designer from New York , Dasgupta. Aparna Dasgupta announced that she worked with JYJ on a photoshoot set for an upcoming magazine. But she also proved that she knows JYJ fashion tastes.
Here is a screenshot of the tweeting between SYC fashionista and the one that Yoochun calls ‘the best fashion designer’ he ‘ever seen’. (we agree!)

KimKenoa @Dasgupta

Dasgupta @KimKenoa
If you’re wondering which peplum dresscoat it is about, here is a pic:
So get ready for rockstar Jaejoong!

More about the designer here http://www.aparnadasgupta.com/
“Aparna Dasgupta is a self-styled fashion activist; she believes that clothing must accurately represent the soul. She finds inspiration in music, psychology, gender roles, period costume, novels, sci-fi, and action flicks.”

credit: sharingyoochun

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