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16 November 2010

Girls' Generation to appear in court for slave contracts and testify in DBSK lawsuit?

Girls' Generation is set to appear in court to attest to the truth behind the slave contract accusations. They were scheduled to appear in November, but because SM Entertainment has requested time to organize papers, the court date has been pushed back to December.

These slave contracts first became a big issue when DBSK's Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun broke away from SM Entertainment because of their contract. Since then, many idols' contracts have been looked into.

The interesting thing is that Girls' Generation will not be arguing over their contract - they will be testifying against DBSK. SM Entertainment is being taken court by Cassiopeia, who required the court to look at DBSK's contract because of unfair payment in proportion to the amount of work they do. SM Entertainment has yet to decide if all nine members will appear or if a part of the group will be representatives.

Because Girls' Generation is currently one of the top idols, many think the court's judging will affect how entertainment contracts are looked at. However, many also think that this is unfair, as whatever the Girls' Generation members attest to during court will be controlled by SM Entertainment.

An official explained, "When many companies make contracts with possible celebrities, they make a contract for 7 years of trainee time and at least 3 years after debut, which means the contract will last for at least 10 years. However, it is judged that a contract time of over 10 years is a problem. Girls' Generation's testimony will either confirm or change this way of thinking."

Contradictory articles state that Girls' Generation will not be testifying in court. However, more than one online Korean news site has published articles confirming they will be. Both the original article and the new article quote SM Entertainment and an official, so as of now no one knows who's telling the truth.

Could this just be SM Entertainment attempting to calm the inevitable problems between fans if SNSD testifies against DBSK? It looks like we'll have to wait until December to see.

source: E Daily and Nate
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