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07 September 2010

Which Hollywood Actor is a K-Pop Fan and Attended SM Town LA?

We all know that SM Town Live in LA was attended by thousands of fans from different parts of United States and even neighboring countries...

However, it was revealed that even Hollywood actor/director/producer Jack Nicholson was one of the audience members at the concert.

SM Entertainment staff said that, “Jack Nicholson purchased 10 tickets to the LA SM Town Concert, through AEG.” AEG is a large US-based event management who promoted this year’s SM Town concert.

Moreover, “It is known that Jack Nicholson has expressed his interest in K-Pop for some time. It was also announced that he requested Asian pop to be used in the film he is currently filming, Today and Tomorrow.”

Another Hollywood person who attended the show was Step Up director Duane Adler, the director for BoA‘s debut Hollywood dance film, set to start filming after BoA finishes her Korean activities. It was also reported that some people from the American music industry watched SM Town Live in LA.

SM Town Live in LA was held at the Staples Center on September 4th (in LA, September 5th in Korea). Around 40 SM Town members preformed at this event, such as KangTa, BoA, YunHo, ChangMin, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), TRAX, Kim MinJong, Lee YeonHee, and Ara.

The SM Town World Tour kicked off last August 21st in Seoul, Korea and will continue to Shanghai this September 11th, followed by a performance in Tokyo in January 2011.

Isn’t this very good news, not just for SME, but to all K-Pop artists as well? Now, there is no doubt that the world has its eyes on the Hallyu wave. Who knows maybe your favorite Hollywood actor or international singer might be listening to K-Pop, too.

Source: Lee Hyun Woo @mk.co.kr (can't find it)
Translation: ch0sshi @kpoplive.com
Written By theshangkee @kpoplive.com

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