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09 September 2010

Wheesung and Jonghyun are BFFs

Wheesung Talking about Jonghyun at Kim Sun Hee Love FM

DJ: Which hoobae do you have a close relationship with?

Wheesung: Jonghyun. SHINee’s Jonghyun. I always have thoughts like “Is…Is this little kid going out with me?”, because we contact each other so often~

DJ: So even between guys, there can also exists friends who nag at each other like this~

Wheesung: Putting the fact he also speaks the same kind of nonsense as well, the point is the age difference between him and me…It’s about 10 years… “Ah~ It’s really strange. I am really…” Thoughts like this! What is this considered, a connection of hearts between guys? I have thoughts like these but between the two of us, we really do have a lot in common in terms of our hobbies and opinions in music. Oh, and he likes to joke around~ At me.

DJ: Oh, really? What does he say~?

Wheesung: Erm… “Hyung, I pray that your voice will crack today~” Ah, it should be “Hyung, I pray that you will go off-tune today~”, things like that. Basically…Just always bringing up the mistakes which I have made in the past…

DJ: That’s cute! Especially since he is a hoobae, to have a hoobae with such a huge age gap get along so playfully with you must feel really good.

Wheesung: I won’t get angry for that. So I…Always joke around like this till wee hours before sleeping..

DJ: Oh~ Feel that you have become younger again?

Wheesung: Yes.

DJ: Because of such a friend.

Wheesung: Indeed.

source: shineeshawols

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