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08 September 2010

[TRANS] 100907 Booming Anticipation For 'Elisabeth' Performance And Kim Junsu Musical Concert

The response to the 'Kim Junsu Musical Concert-Levay with Friends' is heated.

It showed reservation statistics never before seen in the musical industry and ranked top of the weekly charts for musicals as soon as tickets were released on Interpark and Yes24.

The fourth round of tickets were released on the 6th, and all VIP seats were sold out in one minute, and proved once more the popularity of the upcoming concert.

Kim Junsu, the hero of musical 'Mozart!', will come together with world renowned composer Levay and Korea's top musical actors for this concert and will showcase highlights of 'Mozart!' and a new song Levay composed for Kim Junsu.

After the ticket war, EMK Musical Company stated, "It has been confirmed that Micahel Kunze, famous for his lyrics for 'Fly Robin Fly' and 'Get up and Boogie', will be writing the lyrics for Kim Junsu's new song, which means that the original lyrics of the song will be in English."

The Levay-Kunze combination, that brings together the representative composer and lyricist of German musicals, has come together to prepare a new song for a star of Asia. As this is such a unique project, the concert has become a hot issue in Europe and many are focusing their attention on the musical concert.

The production company is working hard to bring together a world renowned composer, Korea's best musical actors, and the much-awaited 'Elisabeth' performance to create an extraordinary stage that will exceed the expectations of fans.

Source: [arts news+DNBN]
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